Just a reminder for you to pull out those broken down old alumunium shafts or something similar, bling it out then fabricate or just buy some drawing pins for darts and get some preactice in for this Thursday night. 
Below are the rules and dates for the series. 

The Blow Darts series will run over three evenings, commencing on Thursday 14th August at 7pm then Thursday 4th Sept and finally 
Thursday 25th Sept. 
A 20 target course with specialties will be set up inside the Clubrooms. 

Entry fees per week: Juniors $2 
Seniors: A small bottle (stubbie size) or can of beverage 
- preferably alcoholic 

Prizes: Best launcher - week 1 only 
Best darts - week 1 only 
Junior - 1st, 2nd & 3rd each week 
Senior - 1st, 2nd & 3rd each week 

There are launchers and darts for sale from the Bar at $5 per set. 

For those who wish to make their own: 

  • •Must be made from an arrow shaft (aluminium obviously), with a maximum length of 53cm. Can be cut down using a hacksaw, grinder, snips, etcetera. 
  • If you do not own any aluminium arrows, our President Vaughan has some for sale at $2 per shaft. 
  • You can apply duct tape (or similar) at the blowing end for comfort. 

• These can be made from anything, but obviously must be able to fit in your launcher and have a sharp end. 
• The most common dart is a tall drawing pin or push-board tack (the ones with the coloured plastic tops), grinding or sanding down the edges so they fit in the launcher 
• Dress-making pins can be used, with a cotton wool ball or similar affixed to the top to enable propulsion. 

Safety is, as always, of utmost importance. Remember to inhale before placing the launcher in your mouth! 

Good Luck 

See you Thursday