Massey Archery Club (MAC) is a Field Archery Club, unlike target archery which is shooting at the same target on flat ground, Field Archery is set out in beautiful bush land and there are many targets to shoot at varied distances – some are marked (the distance is marked on pegs) and some are unmarked so you have to learn to judge distances – lots of fun!

The Introduction to Archery course caters for all ages.  No previous archery experience is required.  Club training equipment will be provided. If you have your own gear you are welcome to bring it along.  These classes are run indoors so weather and lack of sun is not an issue.

All courses are conducted by appointment so please phone us on 833-7240 to make a booking.  Leave a message and the instructor will contact you or email to make a booking.

Courses are held on Tuesday evening by appointment only - please read the format below.

Tuesday Classes:
Run by Linda Lainchbury
These classes last 1 evening only (1.5 - 2 hour class) from 6pm to 8pm
This also includes a walk the bush course invite on any Sunday club day of your choice once you have completed the Intro Course. 
Cost: Junior (8 to 17 yrs) $40 and Seniors (18+) $60, payable by Direct Credit to Massey Archery Club (Linda will send you details). 
Note: Membership will only be considered once you have completed the indoor course sessions.

The following is an outline of the Introductory to Archery Course:

  •  About Massey Archery Club
  •  Different styles/classes of archery
  •  Introduction to various types of bows and arrows and general shooting information
  •  Fundamentals: stance, nocking the arrow, drawing the bow, anchoring, aiming, releasing the arrow
  •  Aiming and Follow Through - we will set up targets indoors and focus on form shooting and aiming techniques
  • We will also include a little fun competition indoors – loads of fun.
  • Wrap up. Discussion about where to from here - further coaching, how to join the club, how to go about purchasing a bow and equipment, costs etc.

After a venture of shooting longbows with wood arrows:
Don’t worry, when the forest burns down you can find your point
— Mark Horne of Hornes Archery