Welcome to the Massey Archery Club.

Massey Archery Club Incorporated was founded in 1971, moving to its present site in 1977 with the purchase of a block of land in Redhills Rd, Massey.

Massey Archery Club is a field archery club and as such nearly all shooting is done outdoors in fields and natural bush settings. As well as practice facilities set up in front of the club house, there are two Bow Hunter courses and one IFAA course.

For those competitors who want to take the sport to a national or international level, there is every opportunity at Massey. Some of our members are, or have been national or international champions with several members still holding New Zealand records.

Absolutely anyone can take up archery, and Massey Archery Club always welcomes new members and visitors from other clubs. We hope to see you soon.

Our Mission

The promotion and growth of field archery is a primary aim of the Massey Archery Club. Fostering friendship, enjoyment and involvement with an emphasis on having fun, ensures we keep developing our club by encouraging interested people and families to come and participate in this wonderful sport.

What We've Achieved

  • Massey is one of the few field archery clubs in New Zealand to own the grounds they shoot on
  • Through  the dedication and generosity of many of our our past and present members, we have access to stunning clubroom facility
  • The first shoot on the grounds we use today occurred on the 23rd July 1978
  • The original Massey Bowhunters Club organised the first ever Archery Golf inter-club shoot in 1975
  • Massey has grown from a small group of like minded bow hunters to a membership in excess of 200
  • Over the years 12 members have amassed 22 world championship titles between them.