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Our vision is to build a strong youth group at our club and empower young archers to reach their potential

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Archery is great way for our youth to mix together with their peers and mix with adult archers to become a strong club together, as a collective group.  Archery at our club is a great way to have family time and a chance to catch up with our friends.   It also offers the opportunity to become competitive in the sport at a club level, inter-club level, national level and international level.

As you may have heard, the committee have decided to change the day and time of the MacPack from July/August 2019.  MAC YOUTH GROUP will be now held on Sundays – our main club day.  It is our intension to encourage our youth to mix with our existing club members on a regular basis and can shoot on our main courses.  This will teach them how to shoot our rounds, score, learn about safety on the courses, learn to mix with archers of all ages, bow types and styles and much more.  ALL MAC Youth Group archers must be fully paid up members.  On Sundays, when you arrive at the club, please register in the clubrooms before you use the practice range.  You are still required to pay $6 per archer, which allows you to shoot on the range for the week. If you do not make the Sunday shoot, there is an honesty box on the deck, please put your name on the envelope before you place it in the box.

New Practice Range area for our MAC YOUTH GROUP – starting 28th July 2019

There is a practice range area beyond our current practice range, which is being developed for our Youth Group “as their own” area. Our vision is to have this area as a Safe Zone to shoot and practice in. The MAC YOUTH GROUP will be given the opportunity to make it “their own area” by planting trees and painting archery murals at organised times. This area will also allow them to shoot on this range while archers are on the main courses. If they are not yet able to shoot on the main courses, they can just stay on their range until they are confident enough to go on the main ranges.

Events for our Youth

Massey Archery Club plan to hold several shoots that the Youth of our club will enjoy – keep an eye out for information about it on our web page and social media Facebook page:

Parents and Caregivers of our Youth Archers

Feel free to come and chat with any of the committee members about ideas you have for our Youth Group.
You are all valued members and appreciate your help and input. If not for you and your commitment to your kids and our club, there would not be a Youth Group.  We look forward to chatting with you all about the future growth of our club.

If you have any questions please send to this contact email: