• Indoor
  • Field (IFAA Field Round and World Archery marked field round)
  • Target

Competition Details


  • 18m Round and 25m Round (combined total of both decides winners)
  • All ages shoot these distances


  • World Archery Marked Field Round - 24 targets
  • IFAA Field Round - 28 targets

Target - 72 Arrow, Match Play

Target - Compound

  • All ages shoot 50m target

Target - Longbow/Barebow

  • All ages shoot 60m target

Target - Recurve

  • 30+ and 40+ shoot at 70m target
  • 50+, 60+ and 70+ shoot at 60m target

Para-Sport Options

Para-sport-archery for indoor and outdoor targets. 
Para-Sport Information Guide

Proposed Age Categories

Men and Women: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

The age category you will compete in for Archery will be determined as at 31 December 2017.
For example, if you are 39 during Games time but have turned 40 by 31 December, you would compete in the 40-49 age category.



ASB Showgrounds, located just over 8km south of Auckland Central


Massey Archery Club, located just over 18.5km west of Auckland Central


Cornwall Park, also located just over 8km south of Auckland Central

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Competition Information

Full details of competition dates and times; events and format which includes a breakdown of age categories; competition rules; and venue detail can be found in the Archery Sports Information Guide. As further information comes to hand the Sports Information Guide will be updated so please make sure you check that you have the most up to date version.

Practice Facilities

Massey Archery Club are offering their Practice Range to allow archers to check equipment, sight marks and general practice. 
Archers shooting Field, Indoor and Target are welcome to use the Massey Practice Range.

Dates available prior to the Games:

  • Wednesday 19th April     10am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4pm
  • Thursday 20th April        10am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4pm
  • Friday 21st April             10am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4pm

Cost $10 per archer.  Food and Drinks will be available to purchase during this time at the clubrooms.
Address: 11 Red Hills Rd Massey, Auckland

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions. 

How to Register

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Overriding Rules for the Whole event

60lb limit

To comply with World Archery (WA) rules no compound bows draw weights shall exceed 60lb. WA has no tolerance to be over this limit so it is recommended that archers keep a close eye on their peak weights. Spot checks are can be also carried out during the round. If in doubt, set it to 59lb. 

No electronics.

Unlike IFAA there is no electronics allowed in WA events, and in an effort to simplify the rules this will apply to the IFAA event also. This includes range finders, angle finders and sight lights.


Due to the ratio of events being 3 WA rounds (Target, Indoor , WA Field) and 1 IFAA round over the competition most of the shared divisions obey WA rules. This is again to ensure a more streamlined rule set for those archers competing across the whole event. Here are a list of the divisions and the specific rules that will govern them.

Compound Unlimited/ Compound Open

Only change to the normal IFAA class, no electronics and 60lb draw weight limit, otherwise, the same as the standard IFAA Freestyle unlimited division.

Recurve Open

Also known as sighted recurve, recurve freestyle etc. This will follow strict WA rules. No peep sights, magnified sights or release aids. 

Barebow Recurve

Also follows strict WA rules. String walking is allowed, as are plunger buttons. Stabilisers are not permitted. The entire unstrung bow complete with counter weights must be able to pass through a 12.2cm metal ring. Like in IFAA the string or riser must have no markings which can be used for aiming.

Long Bow

WA rules again apply but they are very similar to the IFAA rules for longbow. The rules around this division are extensive so if an archer is unsure it is recommended they check the WA rules. http://worldarchery.org/Rules. Some of the main points, arrows must be wooden and no larger than 9.3mm. Fletching must be feathers. No string walking or face walking allowed. String grip must be the Mediterranean loose (one finger over, two under). Bows must conform to WA definition of a longbow in terms of length and design. WA rules are actually quite open in this regard.

Bowhunter Unlimited

This division will follow purely IFAA rules. The two overriding rules of the 60lb draw weight limit and no electronics will still apply.

Compound Barebow

This division will follow purely IFAA rules. The two overriding rules of the 60lb draw weight limit and no electronics will still apply.

Compound Fingers

Compound Bowhunter Limited and Compound Freestyle Limited divisions combined. Same as the compound open or freestyle unlimited divisions but with a finger release only. The two overriding rules of the 60lb draw weight limit and no electronics will still apply. Currently, only competing in the field event. Discussions to be held to try and get this division included across all events or possibly remove it if it attracts insufficient entries.  

In the Indoor event all divisions shoot the standard 18m WA round. 

In the outdoor target event Compound Freestyle and Bowhunter Unlimited will shoot 50m for the ranking round and match play.

Link to IFAA rules:


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