Membership Type                                              Annual Subscription

Senior Archer                                                                                                  $160

Junior Archer                                                                                                  $90
(anyone 17 years and under as of 01 April)

Family Membership

  • Family Option 1
    • 1 parent/guardian and 1 child/dependant                                       $210
  • Family Option 2
    • 1 parent/guardian and 2+children/dependants                                $290
  • Family Option 3
    • 2 parents/guardians and at least 1 child/dependant                         $350

To qualify for a family membership:

  • the parent/guardian must qualify for a senior archer membership
  • the parent/guardian and child/dependant must live at the same address
  • the child/dependant must be 17 years and under as of 01 April.

Social Member                                                                                                $50

Joining Fee                                                                                                      $40

The membership fee for archers includes the standard affiliation fee for New Zealand Field Archery Association (NZFAA).
All paid up members are therefore entitled to compete at NZFAA events.

Getting Started

Joining is a simple two step process, starting with one of the following three options.

Once you've completed a prerequisite option, you may proceed to the application section at the end of this page.

Importance Notice:

Non members are not allowed to shoot at our club without having a current member with them at all times and they must pay EVERY TIME they shoot on our practice range and course – this will be enforced.

Option 1

If you do not have any archery equipment as yet and have not shot before – you need to:

Attend our 2 hour Introduction To Archery class for safety reasons – you cannot shoot at or join our club without attending this course.  Here you can try different types of bows to see what interests you the most.  This course also goes over archery equipment options and what correct equipment you should have before you rush out and purchase.  Please book in to the course by going to our Coaching page and send an email to Linda (

Option 2

If you already have archery equipment and you have experience in archery – you need to:

Be assessed by our instructor before you can join and shoot at our club.  We will need to check your bow and your shooting style for safety reasons.  Please book a time by going to our Coaching page and send an email to Linda (

Option 3

If you have NO or little experience in archery AND already have purchased archery equipment – you need to:

Attend our 2 hour Introduction To Archery class for safety reasons – you cannot shoot at or join our club without attending this course.  Bring your archery equipment along so we can have a look at it.   Please book in to the course by going to our Coaching page and send an email to Linda (

Apply Now

If you have completed at least one of the prerequisite options above, you're now only one step away from a life time of participation.

World Field Archery Championships 2016 (Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia)

Linda Lainchbury has kindly put together the following information pack for those of you thinking about attending next year. 

Massey Archery Club Members Info on this event.

The world champs do not come around to our region of the world very often so now is the chance to plan this amazing trip for either yourself or your family!  One year to go so it’s time to start making those plans.

If you are a paid up member of our club, you are eligible to attend as you are automatically a member of the NZFAA. You can shoot this tournament just for fun or shoot it at a competitive level - your choice.  

There will be on opening ceremony where you will see and be apart of all the countries in there teams with their countries and a separate day at the end for the awards ceremony and banquet

There will be no novice division so see below what distances you will be shooting from your peg and get out on our IFAA range and give it a go. This event is lots of fun and can attract up to 45 different countries and up to 700 competitors.

There will be 5 days of shooting - 4 days of spots and 1 day of animal paper targets.

ALL Marked Distances

  • Cubs under 13 shoot out to 30 yard maximum  
  • Juniors13 - 16 shoot out to 50 yard maximum  
  • Young Adults 17 &18 shoot out to 80 yard maximum  
  • Seniors 19 - 54 shoot out to 80 yard maximum  
  • Veterans55+ shoot out to 80 yard maximum  

There are only 4 arrows total to shoot at 80 yards, and 8 arrows shot at 70 yards so don’t let that long distance scare you.

Check out the offcial web page ( and there you will and all of the info you need. If you want to know what the rules are ( and I suggest you do ) download them from the IFAA web page.  
Just ask Mike or I if you have any questions.

Linda Lainchbury (Lou)  

For more information, complete with pictures click on the links below.

Members Handbook


The members handbook is a handy guide that may be conveniently carried in your bow bag or quiver for future reference. The handbook contains the same rules and explanation of the scoring and grading system as the website, plus much more.

Here's the link to download the Members Handbook.